Case Study: Use Voice Tech to Provide More, Better Payment Options

Merchant services companies have lot of different payment channels to offer their customers these days. These are the companies that provide customers with the infrastructure to accept and complete payments. Needless to say, with the right merchant services company, a business can cater to the needs of their customers no matter how diverse those may be.

One of Plum’s clients, a national merchant services company (NMSC), operates their own payment gateway and provides merchants with a whole suite of payment related services. One channel they were missing—and one that their customers requested—was voice self-service.

NMSC realized that adding voice payment processing would not only extend the reach of their portfolio, but also meet the needs and demands of their current customers. The voice channel enabled NMSC to offer an around-the-clock payment option that didn’t require an internet connection, and that could be accessed anytime, and anywhere.

Because of the sensitivity of financial data, NMSC needed a self-service vendor that was PCI-compliant. This was a non-negotiable requirement. Plum’s cloud environment met that criterion, which earned a place at the table.

What sealed the deal were Plum’s professional services. The folks at NMSC had an idea for how they wanted to structure their self-service voice application, but they welcomed the help of Plum’s experts when it came to understanding and implementing best practices for this type of technology. In fact, NMSC ended up utilizing Plum’s professional services to build their self-service voice application on the Plum DEV platform.

Once NMSC folded the voice self-service into their merchant services platform, the response from their customers was positive and expedient. The self-service option relieved a significant amount of stress with the customer service representatives of NMSC’s client company, which led to greater customer satisfaction.

NMSC clients adopted the voice channel faster than any other new feature that the company has rolled out. It’s not surprising then, that NMSC chief revenue officer described the Plum technology as “a real earner.”

To learn more details about NMSC’s experience using Plum technology, read the full case study.

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