Chatbots and Virtual AI

Conversational AI Voice Chatbot Solutions

Conversational AI Voice Chatbot Solutions

Modern automation has brought together various aspects of a customer’s voice from spoken to written word. When combined into a communication platform, they offer an omni-channel communication delivery system that can be tailored to each customer’s preference from phone, chatbot or SMS messaging.

Let’s take a look at how voice is being integrated into chatbot solutions through conversational AI.

Conversational AI Platforms

Conversational AI platforms are used by developers and business owners to build conversational customer communication interfaces and AI chatbot solutions. They also power other customer communication solutions such as IVR systems for integration into messaging platforms, social media platforms, SMS communications and website chat software.

When choosing a chatbot solution it’s important to think about the kind of user experience you want the software to provide for your customers or the end user. What could be best suited for your business between a traditional AI chatbot software, or an intelligent virtual agent (IVA) software that uses a voice chatbot needs to be considered before choosing an AI chatbot solution.

Chatbot Solution Companies

Chatbots are typically text-based and programmed to reply to a very specific set of questions or statements. Traditional chatbots are typically not programmed to respond to a change in use of language. 

Traditional chatbots have a structured dialogue and are specifically programmed to answer specific replies to specific questions, and it cannot reply to complex questions that are not programmed in the softwares platform. These types of chatbots are great for answering FAQs (frequently asked questions) about a product or service.

How Chatbots Are Used in Business

Chatbots for Customer Service

The most common use case of chatbots being utilized in business is for customer service inquiries from customers. AI chatbot solutions assist customers with questions such as product information, an order status, appointment confirmations and troubleshooting steps. By automating these types of interactions with customers by using an AI chatbot solution, businesses can handle large volumes of customer inquiries efficiently. This also allows live agents to handle more complex customer inquiries while reducing customer wait times and improving customer satisfaction overall.

Chatbots for Sales and Marketing

AI chatbot solutions are great for helping businesses generate leads and automating the beginning of the sales funnel. For example, an AI chatbot solution on a business website helps engage visitors without the need of a live agent. The chatbot solution can gather the customers’ contact information, answer product questions, recommend relevant products or services and also perform secure transactions.

Marketing teams can utilize chatbot solutions for numerous campaign objectives. Because most chatbot solutions offer a data collection and analysis feature, marketers can collect a vast amount of useful customer data such as website navigation, products viewed, previously asked questions and more to use and to better assist customers. Chatbot solutions can also be integrated within social media platforms such as Facebook and WhatsApp to respond to customer comments and messages. All of this helps keep a brand active and responsive on social media which improves brand awareness, customer support and customer engagement.

IT and HR Chatbots

A business can also use chatbot solutions to streamline their internal operations processes. For example, HR chatbots are able to assist with onboarding new employees, answering employee FAQs and collecting employee feedback via surveys. IT support chatbots assist with technical issues, can help track service requests, offering self-support options and more. 

Voice Chatbots with Conversational AI

Companies can also apply AI solutions to power virtual agents which are much more sophisticated than traditional chatbot solutions. Voice chatbots leverage conversational AI and Natural language processing (NLP) in the automation of conversational dialogue while learning from instances to provide unpredictability to their behavior. By doing this, voice chatbots can have a long, and complex human interaction if needed. The best chatbot solutions will be able to use both virtual agents and conversational AI chatbot solutions together which are typically leveraged to perform more complicated tasks – giving companies complete customization that will continue to scale with the business.

A chatbot is a coded software program that engages with a customer visiting your platform, while acting as a real human that can answer customer support questions. Learn more about Plum Chat below and the capabilities you can implement immediately for your company.

Voice Chatbots Use Cases

Healthcare Chatbots

Voice chatbots can be programmed to provide basic medical information, help patients schedule appointments, send medication reminders and guide users through certain health protocols by providing patients with the ability to interact with a voice chatbot

Voice Chatbots for Hospitality and Travel

Hospitality and travel companies can utilize voice chatbots to enhance their customers’ experience. For example, hotels can implement conversational AI chatbots to help their guests request services, provide information on events in the area, set alarms and even do things such as adjusting room temperatures for guests. In the travel industry voice chatbots assist customers with tasks such as booking flights, communicating flight statuses, hotel check ins and other relevant travel information that may be needed.

Customer Support Chatbots Simplify

AI chatbot solutions are crucial in customer service interactions due to the ability companies have to offer 24/7 support for their customers. Because they are always available and capable of providing immediate responses, chatbot solutions help significantly reduce wait times and improve overall customer support.

As a business grows, the scalability of chatbot solutions on a conversational AI platform is a huge advantage as they can handle significantly increased volumes of customer inquiries without the need of additional resources such as more employees. These chatbots also automate routine tasks which allows human agents to focus on more complex customer issues that may require a more personal touch. At the same time AI chatbots collect and analyze data from customer interactions, and provide valuable insights that the business can use to improve products, services and the customer journey.

Advancements in NLP allow these voice chatbots to engage with customers conversationally which makes interactions more engaging and personal. Chatbots using AI have become an indispensable tool in modern day customer service, enhancing customer support and customer experience all while improving company efficiency and providing a company with extremely valuable insights.

Plum Voice Chatbot Software Solutions

Plum Voice provides chatbot and voice chatbot software toolson an easy to use cloud platform. Our chatbot tools enable developers to create conversational AI solutions to automate inbound/outbound messaging. With these chatbot solutions, businesses provide their customers with the best support while lowering operational costs..

Our chatbot solutions are able to integrate with Facebook Business, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, iOS, Android, and most importantly – your company website. Let us know how we can help below.