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Choose the Best AI Chatbot Solution

Conversational AI and virtual agent platforms are used by developers to build conversational user interfaces, AI chatbot solutions and to power virtual agents for integration into messaging platforms, social media, SMS and website chat. 

When choosing a chatbot software it’s important to think about the kind of experience you want the software to create for your customers. What could be best suited for your business – a traditional AI chatbot software, or an intelligent virtual agent (IVA) software?

Chatbot Solution Companies

Chatbots are typically text-based and programmed to reply to a very specific and certain set of questions or statements. Traditional chatbots are not programmed to respond to a change in use of language. They have a structured dialogue, and are specifically programmed to answer specific replies to specific questions, and it cannot reply to complex questions that are not programmed in the softwares platform. 

Chatbots are ideal for the following business use cases: 

  • Answering account inquiries 
  • Customer support on social media platforms and your company website
  • Confirming shipping and tracking order information
  • Collecting customer feedback 
  • Assigning customer requests to support teams 

Artificial Intelligence Chatbots with Virtual Agents

Next, companies can also apply IVA software to power virtual agents which are much more sophisticated. They leverage conversational AI and Natural language processing (NLP) in the automation of conversational dialogue and learn from instances to provide an unpredictability to their behavior. That way they can have a long, and complex human interaction. The best chatbot softwares will be able to use both virtual agents and conversational AI chatbot solutions together which are typically leveraged to perform even more complicated tasks – giving you complete customization that will continue to scale with your business.

Virtual Agents are ideal for the following business use cases:

  • Comparing products or finding the best product based on the customer’s needs in real-time
  • Processing sensitive information with live agent support
  • Capturing data and interpreting information that aids in future customer decision-making
  • Using data to consistently improve the conversational AI software knowledge and customer interaction with complex questions

Customer Support Chatbots Simplify

The goal of a conversational AI chatbot platform is to simplify communication between businesses and customers while providing the best support possible. This involves automation across several channels, ensuring that customers have easy access to a business regardless of the platform they use. Choosing a conversational AI platform doesn’t have to be a costly investment. It’s important to choose a platform that meets your business goals and requirements.

Plum Voice Conversational AI Chatbot Software

Plum Voice has conversational AI chatbot software solutions using intelligent virtual agents on an easy to use omni-channel cloud platform. Our chatbot solutions offer businesses conversational AI solutions to automate inbound/outbound messaging. Applying these chatbot software solutions to your business will provide your customers the best support and also save on costs within the business.

Our chatbot solutions are able to integrate with Facebook Business, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp, iOS, Android and most importantly – your company website. Let us know how we can help below:

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