SharpenCX plumvoice merger

Author: RJ Burnham, President and CTO of Plum Voice

Plum Voice and Sharpen: Crafting the Future Together

In today’s digital age, evolving and innovating are the lifeblood of customer engagement. Today, I’m thrilled to share a monumental step in Plum Voice’s story: our merger with Sharpen Technologies, a vanguard in cloud-based contact center solutions. Together, we are positioned to offer a fusion of unparalleled customer engagement tools.

A Personal and Collective Vision

Our journey at Plum Voice has been about harnessing AI to revolutionize voice-based customer interactions. As I transition into leading the combined product organizations of both Plum Voice and Sharpen, I see an extraordinary opportunity. My goal is to weave our combined expertise, with a renewed focus on setting an AI vision that will reshape the landscape of customer interactions in the years to come.

The Sharpen Edge and Our Synergy

Sharpen’s commitment to elevating agent performance and creating consistent customer journeys resonates deeply. And here’s a promise to our loyal clientele: Plum Voice’s standalone IVR and voice automation solutions remain intact. Whether you use them individually or integrate them with Sharpen’s contact center as part of the brand-new Sharpen Automation platform, our dedication to excellence and innovation remains unwavering.

Enhancements and Commitments

Merging our strengths brings many benefits.

Revolutionized IVR: Our combined expertise translates to smarter, swifter, and more intuitive Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solutions.

Unified Engagement: Together, we offer a comprehensive suite of tools, ensuring seamless connections with customers across diverse channels.

Commitment to Innovation: Both Plum Voice and Sharpen breathe innovation. Expect a synergized approach that aims at setting and surpassing industry AI milestones.

Steadfast in Our Promise

Rest assured: Our journey into this new chapter with Sharpen amplifies our commitment to you. 

Dedicated Support: Our support teams remain ever-ready, dedicated to ensuring your success.

Trailblazing Solutions: Expect wave of innovative tools and enhancements, aimed to redefine your customer engagement experiences.

A Seamless Merge: We’ve prioritized continuity, guaranteeing minimal disruptions so that you can lean on our solutions with confidence.

Navigating Our Collective Future

The future is exhilarating. Together with Sharpen, we’re poised to innovate, elevate, and lead. Stay engaged for updates, and let’s explore the plethora of opportunities this merger brings to the forefront.

Crafting the future, together.

Should you have questions or need further details, I’m here, always ready to connect.

SharpenCX plumvoice merger