How to Win with Automation

How Companies ‘Win’ with Automation

My favorite lip sync battle on Jimmy Fallon is Emma Stone performing “All I Do is Win”, by DJ Khaled. She is great, the song is great and it reminds me of a great tagline I hear myself saying to customers often, which is “our partnership is a win-win”. Plum Voice knows intelligent virtual agents (IVAs) and phone automation; our team will help you do it right. All you do is win. Let’s explore just a few examples in completely different industries.

  1. Customer Support: I don’t know of anyone who has ever said “what I really like is going to work and doing the same thing over and over again, all day long.” Automation, in particular phone automation, is a way to take repetitive tasks away from your employees and allow them to make more meaningful contributions to your business by helping with more complex matters. I’ve heard that almost half of customer support leaders say that it is repetitive tasks that prevent their teams from providing a good support experience.
    So, what is it you want to do – improve your CSAT, make your employees happier, cut costs while helping more customers, gain back some valuable time, provide more access to data, personalize interactions? Whatever your answer, this takes me back to “win, win, win” because with Plum Voices IVAs and modernized IVR you can accomplish all of these. 
  2. Self-Service: This model applies really to everyone, but especially to businesses. How can it not? People are spread out, working on their own schedules (early birds and night owls alike), and companies miss opportunities if they don’t offer 24-hour availability. Whether you want your customers to be able to track a package, answer prequalifying questions for a loan or mortgage, schedule an appointment, enroll in a class, give feedback, get results, etc. The list goes on and on. IVAs/phone automation provide a way to allow business to happen when your customers want it.
  3. Insurance: A friend of mine is working at a smaller company that she loves because their focus is offering a “Concierge service” experience to their customers. I looked up “concierge” to see what the requirements are. They include dependability, patience, punctuality, and telephone etiquette. Without one minute of training, you can have all this from a good IVA/phone automation application from Plum Voice. And now with AI you can offer even more of a concierge experience through phone automation. Plum Voice recently announced our AI Fusion product. Sentiment analysis can help if there is conflict and quick resolution is desired. Flexibility can be built-in using “intent”. Let a Plum Voice application be your first point of contact in your concierge service model, and you will soon see that “win”.
  4. Education: This is a relatively new arena for me. But as I’m becoming familiar with it, I hear some common issues. It all starts with the admissions process. And then there’s the enrollment process, which is even more on-demand in the self-service channel now that more classes are 100% online. And beyond that, the bursar’s office is responsible for collecting and analyzing all student charges/fees, which include tuition and student unions, and health and dental insurance. The bursar’s office is also responsible for areas including accounts payable, travel claims and invoicing, and receipt of all payments. IVAs create efficiencies that would allow for many of these tasks to be processed automatically over the phone. And if student feedback is important then phone surveys are also a sweet spot for Plum Voice’s Insight
  5. Banking/Fintech: Changes in the financial world are consistent. Fintech companies are reimagining banking. If you are in this industry, providing customers with 24-hour access to information is crucial. There are so many ways to win some of your time back by using phone automation that I can’t begin to write a shortlist. I read an article recently that said “the future of finance should be one driven by innovative people who leverage their expertise and skills to drive transformative strategies that propel their companies – and the people who depend on them – forward.” To me, that is Plum Voice in a nutshell.

The icing on the cake is this. With all of these various uses for IVAs, and regardless of the industry, you can take advantage of Plum Voice AI Fusion. AI Fusion™ helps developers and companies benefit from the best aspects of various evolving AI resources, minimizes lock-in to any one AI engine, and accelerates the timeframe for deployment of effective AI solutions.

IVA/phone automation works in all industries. These are just a few. If you like the idea of “winning” and want to explore more of the solutions Plum Voice can offer along with AI Fusion, please reach out. Our team enjoys building “win-win” partnerships. 

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