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Plum Fuse Improves Healthcare Patient Experience Through IVR Interaction

A health center’s ability to deliver world-class care is largely dependent upon effective patient communication—from confirming appointments and reporting test results to obtaining feedback and collecting payments. According to Forrester, approximately 79 percent of customers would rather self-serve than use human-assisted support channels. A major obstacle, however, is the varying degree of comfort and willingness of patients to embrace newer technologies. Plum Voice Interactive Voice Technology (IVR) removes technology barriers by making interactive access a reality through the mobile device they use every day.

Whether you’re a healthcare technology vendor or handle IT for a major medical organization, Plum Fuse allows almost anyone to create and manage IVR and voice applications with the most intuitive drag-and-drop tool on the market. Fuse offers several advantages when developing for the healthcare environment:

  1. Provides Integrated HIPAA and PCI Compliance – Fuse’s built-in security features allows ultimate flexibility in the healthcare environment since it meets the stringent Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) requirements for safeguarding sensitive patient data. It also allows collection of secure payments over the phone since it meets the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI) mandated by the major credit card brands.
  2. Allows Redeployment of Valuable Resources – Fuse allows developers to integrate unlimited automation features to facilitate self-serve options like selecting departments for call transfers, checking invoice balances and confirming appointment times. This allows organizations to redeploy valuable resources. The tool’s analytics also provides insight about the user’s path and drop-offs to help determine when automation is helpful and when it becomes a barrier.
  3. Includes Proactive Outbound Capabilities – Any time patients must be reached by phone, the Fuse infrastructure provides simple and immediate outbound messaging capabilities. This has proven especially critical for COVID health alerts, enhanced security protocols and frequent updates. Other uses include signaling the beginning of flu season and communicating special instructions during inclement weather.
  4. Obtains Patient Feedback – The ability to obtain continuous feedback is key to patient satisfaction. Fuse makes it possible to quickly and easily harness that feedback in a way that helps signal needed patient-facing improvements throughout the healthcare system.
  5. Balances Automation with the Customer Experience – Fuse’s analytics tool makes it easy to measure Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) like the number of calls, transfers, hold times and hang-ups during specific time periods. It also helps examine the customer’s journey in a number of key areas like appointment scheduling and payment processing.

Regardless of technical expertise, Plum Fuse allows software developers and IT personnel throughout the organization to quickly and efficiently deploy best-in-class IVR functionality. But most importantly, by integrating IVR into the patient experience, healthcare organizations of all sizes can better interact with patients in a way that improves their overall satisfaction and experience.

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