Boost Your Automation from Good to Great

Plum Fuse: The No Coding Route that Boosts Your Automation from Good to Great.

Are you still using that old 90s IVR? It’s time to update and thrill your callers with the latest and greatest voice automation. It’s very doable! And what’s more, you can do it. YOU can build great automated calls!

Not a developer? NOT a problem!

Plum Voice’s Fuse product is the best GUI interface for building out automation – whether it’s for a great caller experience or automated self-service. I’m not a coder, I’m not a developer, I’m not anywhere close to being a technical resource, and I can tell you first hand that if you need to create great caller experiences without having even a little technical understanding, then you’ve found the right product with Plum Fuse.

Plum Fuse is a user-friendly, intuitive visual tool for building call flows. It lets you create call flows by using icons. No writing code, no learning a new scripting language. All the coding is done in the background. It’s a tool designed to allow non-technical people to build call flows. Still, at the same time, there are all the flexibility, functionality, and integration options that more technical people want. (That is what developers tell me!)

Let me count the ways that Plum Fuse is awesome.

  1. Fuse provides you with solutions. When you’ve got a problem, you need it fixed! You can start with a Plum Voice template. Plum provides templates for the most common pain points. They get you well on your way to delivering a solution to your pain point.
  2. Documentation. Plain and simple, it’s GOOD. It is straightforward, easy to read, and includes video examples.
  3. Collaboration. I like to think of the pit crew analogy that doctors use. You don’t need to rely just on your high skilled developers. Fuse allows for collaboration across teams. Non-technical people do understand your business and what you need to do. They can visually map out the business process in Fuse.
  4. Set-up is fast. “Time is money” could be the Fuse motto. Cloning and sharing are built into Fuse so that your team doesn’t have to spend a lot of time recreating what they’ve already created. Instead, you can copy an existing application, make changes and have new customers up and running quickly.
  5. Not a coder – no problem! I love this one because I am NOT A CODER. I think I’ve said that. But living in a world where it feels more and more like you need technical skills to be valuable, this is an important one for me to relay. Your non-technical people can provide valuable input into the caller experience and help get your new automation setup. Granular permissions make sure you control who can do what.
  6. Excellent voice quality. Plum uses high-quality telco carriers. Multiple carriers are used to provide great reach, good quality, and redundancy.
  7. Error handling. Reviewing call logs has NEVER been this easy. You can specify the number, timeframe and the call log itself is color-coded for easier visual understanding. Literally, scrolling through my TV menu is harder.
  8. Optimization. First, you build out your call, and then you optimize it as you review how your callers interact with your call flow by analyzing the data in Plum Voices analytics tool – VoiceTrends. (Bonus – you don’t pay extra for access to the analytics tool.)
  9. Support. Plum provides dedicated account management, a support team ready to assist you, and a support forum for the creators of your automation that is free and full of very in-depth, helpful information on the tool and best practices.
  10. SLA. Plum stands behind its guarantee to provide a stable, reliable environment.

Why wait? Try it for yourself. You can sign up for a demo account right now.