Practice What You Preach: A Demonstrated Commitment to Customer Service

Here at Plum Voice, we talk a lot about how our IVR solutions can help improve your customer service offerings. It’s not enough, however, to simply talk the talk. It’s just as important to lead by example, to walk the walk.

We recently asked our customers to fill out a survey through TechValidate to let us know how we’re doing; to make sure our claims hold water. The results are in and the news is good.

Customer Support

Sixty-seven percent of respondents rated Plum’s customer service as 4-stars or higher on a 5-star scale. Of those, 43% rated our team as 5-star, which was by far the single most popular selection by our customers.

As one customer put it: “The support team at Plum is great to work with. All emails are acknowledged within 24 hours and typically resolved within 48. We have also appreciated the timely status updates should any service interruption occur (which is extremely rare).”


The ability to derive value for business investments is critical to ensure continued progress. Plum Voice delivers value and does so consistently over time. All respondents claimed they saw value/ROI within a year of implementing Plum Voice solutions. But the ROI window was actually much shorter for many customers with 74% claiming it took six months or less.


Call containment rate, or the number of callers who complete a transaction within the IVR and do not transfer out, is a key metric for IVR effectiveness. In this area, Plum continues to excel for our customers.

Seventy-five percent of customers achieved a call containment rate of 50% or higher after implementing Plum Voice solutions. Of these, 43% saw containment rates in the 75-100% range. Now, in reality 100% call containment doesn’t happen, but we do see some customer use cases achieve rates in the high 80s and low 90s.

Customers look to Plum Voice to improve customer experiences through their voice channels. In fact, this is the reason 41% of respondents chose Plum. When it came to the actual benefits companies experienced with our technology 68% noted improved customer experiences. This demonstrates that even if customers aren’t necessarily focused on improving customer experience as a primary goal of updating their IVR and voice channel automation, it is a very real benefit that Plum delivers regardless of initial customer intent.

Products that Perform

When it comes to our products and their capabilities, customers are clearly impressed with what they get compared to the competition. It’s true that IVR is a crowded technology space, so to see this level of confidence in our products shows that we’re doing something right. The enhanced capabilities you get with Plum products also likely has an impact on the ROI window, as you can do more and do it more efficiently and effectively with Plum.

To learn more about Plum Voice and how we can help you improve customer experiences for your voice channel, contact us today.