5 Ways Pre-Built IVR Apps Transform Your Voice Channel

It can be difficult to get your voice channel just exactly perfect. It may seem impossible to find a solution that is easy for your IT and development teams to manage and use, and something that delivers a great customer experience to end users.

Pre-built IVR apps let you cut through most of the complexity of modern telephony. By simplifying your voice channel, these apps let you focus on what matters most: satisfying your customers.

Here are 5 ways that pre-built IVR apps can transform your voice channel.

  1. What Code Base?

It’s not enough that telephony is extremely complex, but on top of that many legacy IVR systems have some type of code base that you need to manage. With all the other projects and code that developers have to worry about, eliminating an entire code base probably sounds attractive.

Fuse is a GUI call-flow editor, which means there’s no need to manage a complex code base. This means that even non-developers can help build and manage Fuse apps, lending their expertise where it’s needed without having to pull developers off other projects. (We think using Fuse is like a team sport!) Fuse’s advanced modules accept regular JavaScript, making it user-friendly to developers, too.

  1. Shorter Development Cycle

With legacy and other systems, developing voice apps often takes months of work. There are plenty of reasons for this: platform limitations, code base issues, competing priorities, limited resources, and many more. If you outsource app development the time and cost of new apps can increase quickly.

With pre-built apps most of the work is already done. All you need to do is configure the app to connect to your system and add in any branding or additional features your company needs.

This means that you can deploy IVR apps as quickly as a few days. Even an app that takes a week or two to configure in Fuse stands in stark contrast to one that takes 3–4 months to build in a different platform.

Plus, Fuse apps are optimized based on years of data. This reduces the amount of time needed to manage the app over the course of its lifetime.

  1. Fully Customizable

Unlike rigid legacy IVR platforms, Fuse apps can handle complex tasks easily and can be completely customized. Updating call-flows, branding, pre-recorded audio, and much more is quick and easy. Not only does this allow you to put your best face forward, but companies that white label Fuse apps can offer the same customization options to their customers.

  1. Improve Customer Experiences Faster

There’s a chain reaction that occurs with pre-built apps: because these apps are easier to build and manage, they can be deployed faster. This, in turn, means that the customer experience for your voice channel improves sooner.

The funny thing is that customers may not even realize why their experience is better. When automation works the way it’s supposed to, people often don’t even realize it. But happy, satisfied customers tend to be loyal customers.

  1. Cost Savings

All the above factors contribute to cost savings: the lack of a code base and easier, faster development time cycles saves money on the back-end development and app management costs. When businesses talk about doing more with less, Fuse’s pre-build apps do exactly that.

The value of customer satisfaction can be more difficult to calculate. But delivering great customer experiences helps keep customers coming back, and that can translate to an improved bottom line. (Kind of like our customer that ended up saving 350% on payment processing with our apps.)

If your company wants to simplify its voice channel, while at the same time getting more out of it and delivering better customer experiences, check out our Fuse apps to see how Plum can help you meet and exceed your business goals.

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