Case Study: Second To None Expands Voice of the Customer Offerings with Plum Voice

As the old adage goes, the customer is always right. For Second To None, a customer experience research and analytics agency serving leading brands across North America, one of its clients wanted to add telephone surveys to their Voice of the Customer program.

At the time, Second To None lacked a voice option for this type of survey and immediately began researching their options. With the clock ticking and their client waiting, Second To None needed a solution that they could build and deploy quickly.

Initially, Second To None opted for an on-premises system. This offered the reliability that the company wanted, but as their business grew and more clients took advantage of telephone surveys, the need to scale along with client demand became increasingly important.

At that point, Second To None switched from an on-site system to Plum’s cloud IVR. The switch was almost effortless. The entire switchover process, which included making a few changes to their application’s code and RESPORGing their phone numbers to Plum, took about an hour in actual man-hours.

Dynamic scaling with Plum’s cloud IVR not only allowed Second To None to meet the needs of their clients, but the success they experienced led the company to expand the number of voice features they offered clients. This included call recording and SMS messaging.

Using Plum Voice technology allowed Second To None to provide new, reliable solutions to their clients. Second To None’s CTO noted that Plum’s technology not only expanded their offerings portfolio but did so in a cost-effective way that didn’t require them to sink a ton of money into IT resources. Second To None caters to a number of retail and healthcare clients, so Plum’s PCI and HIPAA compliance meant that they could meet the specific needs of those customers without having to reinvent the wheel when it came to IVR applications.

To learn more about Second To None and how the company innovated with Plum technology, read the full case study.