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Visa Verified: Plum Voice Secures a Listing on Visa’s Global Registry of Service Providers

Visa Verified

Plum Voice has been at the vanguard of voice channel and IVR security for years. We pride ourselves on offering reliable cloud communications products that are compliant with some of the most desirable security standards in existence. These include PCI-DSS, HIPAA, and SOC2. As of May 2018, we can now add Visa Verified to that list as well.

What is Visa Verified?

Quite simply, Visa Verified is a program that vets the security of payments-related businesses in the Visa network. Visa compiles a list of verified vendors in its Global Registry of Service Providers, which gives businesses an up-to-date list of companies that meet Visa’s exacting security standards.

For each company on the list, Visa includes information about the type of validation they provide, the type(s) of service they offer, their operating regions, and more. This helps businesses to identify, narrow, and select vendors that meet their specific needs for a wide range of payment-related technologies.

How to get Visa Verified?

One of the major hurdles to get over in order to achieve Visa Verified status is PCI-DSS compliance. Fortunately, here at Plum Voice, our products have been PCI-DSS (Level 1) compliant for many years.

In order to qualify as a third-party Visa Verified service provider, it’s necessary to connect with a Visa Client Bank. After establishing that connection, the registration process requires third-party service providers to:

  • Describe how they handle cardholder data
  • Disclose any entities they use to support their operations (e.g., AMS, data centers, etc.)
  • Provide proof of compliance with the latest PCI-DSS standards

The partner Visa Client Bank in this process then vets the application and approves (or denies) it. Once approved, Visa adds the vendor to the Global Registry.

Extra Protection for You

Not all companies require their vendor partners to be Visa Verified, but even if your company doesn’t require it, when you partner with Plum Voice for IVR payments over the phone, you get the added protection that comes with Visa Verified. In addition to Visa, Plum Voice is listed on Mastercard’s roster of SDP Compliant Registered Service Providers.

Our platform undergoes rigorous security audits multiple times per year. The Visa Verified program simply provides additional data points and validation on our platform’s security.

At Plum, we’re proud to offer customers a wide range of security options that benefits many different industries.

For more information about our platform security, visit our Security and Compliance page.

If you have questions about how our secure voice communications products can help your company process more payments, contact us!

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