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Your RX for Good CX: Pay by Phone for Medical Billing

It has been known the healthcare industry has struggled to transform its patient experience to a modern, consumer-friendly model. However, COVID-19 has forced this industry to rethink the traditional ways of conducting business and ways to better optimize the overall patient experience.

Today, it is common practice for healthcare systems to rely on legacy channels such as voice to communicate with patients and collect payments. When it comes to collections and payments healthcare providers face serious regulation. Patient billing includes sensitive information, which is protected healthcare information. 

This is an area where an IVR service can personalize and streamline the collections process in order to enhance the customer experience. When customers leverage the voice channel to pay their medical bills, they are typically looking for two things. Ease and security.

In order to make the process easy. It’s important for the experience to be personal even in the voice channel. It’s possible to do this by leveraging an IVR software solution combined with natural-language capabilities and blended artificial intelligence also known as conversational AI. Callers based on demographics or patient preference further personalize the experience. Instead of forcing callers to navigate multiple phone menus to arrive at a dead end, avoid patient caller frustration and deliver enhanced experiences through a better equipped voice channel solution.

Security is the second piece to delivering an overall better customer experience in this healthcare industry. Data breaches are at an all time high regardless of industry. Compromising patient data can lead to poor reputation and decreased customer satisfaction scores. Instead of relying on agents to accept and input sensitive financial information, a PCI-DSS compliant IVR payment processing solution can automate the entire process. Paying medical bills over the phone through a PCI-DSS compliant platform ensures that transactions are safe and secure. As one of the most common call types, automating payments improves the efficiency of the entire payment process.

By combining self-service with personalization, you can transform your self-service IVR system into a valuable asset for building patient/provider relationships. More importantly, this provides an easy way for patients to pay their bills and less security risk for the healthcare provider overall.
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