What is cPaaS?

A cPaaS primer relating to your digital voice channel and customer self-service.

Communications Platform as a Service

What is cPaaS? A communications platform as a service, otherwise known as a cPaaS, is a cloud-based application development environment designed to facilitate business communications.

In the world of digital voice, the cPaaS emerged as means to deliver reliable, scalable communications technology without the need to maintain and manage complex code bases or expensive hardware.

CPaaS has typically been a technology that encourages companies to build their own technology. This gives companies complete control over their digital voice channel. While this remains a perfectly good option for some companies, newer offerings of pre-built applications streamline the app development and management processes even further.

When it comes to your voice channel, a cPaaS lets you automate customer interactions with applications that enable IVRmessaging, and intelligent call-routing.

Advantages of using Plum Voice cPaaS technology to automate voice interactions

  • Reliable and scalable private cloud environment designed specifically for voice applications
  • Pre-built applications for common voice automation processes
  • Extensive security compliance, including: PCI-DSS (level 1), HIPAA, SOC2, Cyber Essentials (GDPR), and Visa Verified
  • Actionable data from VoiceTrends, our built-in data and analytics tools
  • Extensive experience helping companies migrate to cloud solutions

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