Case Study: Payments Company Lands Major Client with Help of Plum

One of Plum’s clients is a major payment aggregation (MPA) company based in Seattle, Washington. The company offers customers a platform to pay bills and manage important documents, securely, in one place.

The problem that led MPA to Plum began with a client request. One of the company’s major clients offered the company exclusive handling of all their accounts–which would be a significant win for MPA–but there was a catch. The client required a voice payment option and MPA didn’t have one at the time.

So, with a small window of time to add a voice channel, MPA began looking for IVR solutions that would meet the needs of their clients. As a company that deals primarily with payments, PCI-compliance was a huge factor. “We quickly found that that narrowed our options in the marketplace,” MPA’s Director of Product noted.

MPA also wanted a system that had the features they needed now, and ones that fit into their long-term plan. That included things like outbound notifications and SMS capabilities. Fortunately, Plum’s IVR platform provided all of this and more.

MPA opted to build their own IVR application in-house using the DEV VoiceXML platform. It took the company about a month to complete their app and get it to the quality assurance stage. Another month of testing to ensure everything was just exactly perfect, and they moved it into production.

Not only did this solution help MPA secure the deal that launched the whole quest for IVR, but adding voice allowed MPA to expand their payment portfolio in the other areas and clients that they serve.

In fact, MPA has such a good experience with the Plum DEV platform that when it came time to revamp their in-house IVR, they opted to go with Plum’s other development option, Fuse. MPA built their entire in-house IVR in Fuse without spending a single man-hour of developer time or needing to involve engineers in the process. It was that easy to use.

To learn more about MPA and their journey to offering better payments over the phone, read the full case study.