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A leading mobile software company (MSC) in Canada uses Plum products to power their customer service offerings. As a company that offers an array of digital products with over 100 million users all over the globe, MSC needed a solution that had multi-language support.

As a company that deals with digital products in its own right, MSC wanted a solution that was easy to implement. They wanted to keep control of their customer service in-house, but that also meant that they needed something that didn’t require them to take engineers off core product development.

MSC considered a number of different IVR vendors but chose Plum’s Fuse platform because it did everything they wanted it to do, and more. Fuse’s drag-and-drop interface meant that MSC could assign IVR development to non-developer team members because it was so easy to use.

Fuse’s cloning feature was also a huge boon to MSC. As a company that has a significant global presence, MSC needs multi-language support to be effective with their customer service efforts. One-click cloning in Fuse meant that MSC could build one application, and then clone it, change the language, and re-deploy the same application to a phone number in a different part of the world.

Fuse’s built-in analytics helped MSC optimize their Spanish-language application. When the company expanded into Latin America they noticed that a lot of their Spanish-speaking customers were opting out of the IVR to talk with an agent. Thanks to VoiceTrends analytics, MSC identified the issue and quickly added a new message in the IVR that drastically improved containment rates.

With the help of Plum Fuse, MSC has been able to easily harness and control their customer self-service offerings, providing better customer experiences across the board.

To learn more about MSC and how its self-service benefitted from Plum Fuse, read the full case study.

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