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Simplicity. It’s something that many people want, but few attain. This especially rings true when we’re talking about telephony. Combining telephony with other complex tasks, like payment processing certainly doesn’t lend itself to simplicity either.

Yet many companies, especially those that process recurring payments, find themselves navigating on a daily basis. Using an interactive voice response (IVR) solution helps to reduce staffing needs, but IVR adds yet another layer of complexity to the equation.

Too often, IVR is a time suck, pulling valuable resources away from other projects. This makes it difficult to manage. Historically, you’ve always needed developers to write code for a custom IVR or use a turnkey IVR that is next to impossible to customize. Neither of these options leaves much room for simplicity.

Don’t Settle

As a company that deals with telephony, payments, and IVR every day, we set out to deliver the simplicity that companies need. First, we created Plum Fuse, which removes the need to write code in order to build an IVR by providing an intuitive, visual, drag-and-drop app editor.

Visualizing the application creation process has lots of benefits. Having a visual reference to refer to in real-time makes it easier to see changes and how they relate to other aspects of the application. Creating and editing voice applications has never been easier.

While Fuse offers a level of reliability, flexibility, and security unmatched in the IVR industry, it remained clear that even greater simplicity was possible. Therefore, we built payment processing application for you.

Discover Simple

Our pre-built IVR payment application is configured to allow customers to pay bills over the phone using either a credit card or a bank account. Companies can use the app as is, or, because it’s an app on the Fuse platform, users can customize, update, and change the stock app to fit the needs of their customers and business.

Built by IVR experts, our payment app saves companies weeks or even months of development time. With this app and Plum Fuse, it’s easy to test and deploy your application in a matter of hours or days.

Because payments include sensitive financial data by default, our app is also a PCI-DSS compliant. In fact, the entire Fuse platform is PCI-compliant. Plum Voice is the only custom IVR vendor to offer this level of data security.

Decisions should never be made in a vacuum. Thanks to VoiceTrends, Plum’s purpose-built analytics toolkit, Phone Pay provides actionable data about your payment application.

Regardless of the type of payments your company processes, recurring or otherwise, the new pre-built payment app from Plum Voice provides you with a simple yet powerful solution that lets you get up and running quickly, and to process more payments, faster.

Sign for Fuse today and try it for yourself.

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