Discover How to Complete More Payments with Automated IVR Phone Payment Apps

Processing payments over the phone is a fast, efficient way for companies to handle the collections process.

The Trouble with Voice

However… If we’re being honest, companies don’t want to spend a ton of money on their voice channel these days. Of course, that doesn’t mean that companies don’t need or want a voice channel–it’s a pretty big necessity. But it’s also true that the voice channel is typically lumped in with the contact center when it comes to customer service, which is often viewed as a cost center.

Automating your voice channel helps to make it more efficient and cost-effective. Interactive voice response (IVR) has been an option toward this end for a long time. But the problem with IVR is that it’s always been really complex because of the need to deal with telephony infrastructure. That can be time consuming and difficult.

Pre-Built IVR Apps to the Rescue

It’s with all this in mind that Plum Voice developed pre-built IVR applications for our Fuse communications platform.

Customer Experience

Leading the way is our payments app. This allows callers to make fast, efficient, and secure payments over the phone. It’s optimized, based on data from billions of phone calls, to deliver high automation rates and a great customer experience.


The Fuse payments app delivers several additional benefits as well. The app, like our platform, is PCI-DSS-compliant (level 1), so you know that every transaction is secure. For healthcare companies that process payments, the app is also HIPAA-compliant in case you need that as well.

Accelerate Development

Fuse is a visual IVR builder with a GUI, drag-and-drop interface. Add to this user-friendly design a pre-built app and it’s a win-win situation.

Why reinvent the wheel? For most companies the stock payments app will get you 70-90% to deployment. Connect to your database(s) and payment processor through APIs and away you go. You can quickly configure, tweak, and customize the app to meet the needs of your company.

Iterating and testing changes is fast and simple. With a single click you can share or clone an entire app, make your changes, and deploy it for testing. We’re talking minutes here, rather than days or weeks or months.

Data You Can Use

Naturally, you want to know how well your apps are working, especially if you’re testing different versions. VoiceTrends gives you actionable data about your app’s performance. VoiceTrends is a data and analytics toolkit that’s part of the Fuse platform and was designed specifically for the voice channel and IVR.

We know how important payment processing is to companies. And we also know how time-consuming, costly, and complex IVR can be. That’s why we built our payments app: so companies can provide a better customer experience over the phone that leads to more completed payments, with a whole lot less time and effort.


We’ve simplified IVR development. Sign up for an account and request the payments app to experience it for yourself.