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IVR That Saves $5M per Month

Automation has a lot of benefits, like faster, more efficient customer service, increasing customer satisfaction, and improving customer experiences. It can also save companies a lot of money. For some companies ‘a lot’ of money is A LOT. See how one of Plum’s clients used IVR to take cost savings to new heights, and reaped additional benefits along the way…. Read More

Reload: An Easier Approach to Prepaid Cards

It’s a common refrain uttered repeatedly about sports teams that experience continued success: they don’t rebuild, they reload. Teams like the New England Patriots, the New York Yankees, Syracuse University’s men’s lacrosse (and the Maryland women), and, until this past season, the Detroit Red Wings have all fit this bill. In the world of prepaid cards, companies need to decide… Read More

6 Ways IVR Rocks for the Prepaid Card Industry

As the holiday season comes barreling at us like a runaway train, prepaid card companies start to prepare for an onslaught of new customers. Prepaid cards have become a ubiquitous form of currency. Companies use them to fulfill rebates, average Joes and Jills use them as gifts, and there are plenty of other uses for them, too. Fortunately, with the… Read More

Coder’s Corner: Create A Self-Service App That Doesn’t Suck

Let Customers Be “In The Know” It’s no secret that the majority of people prefer, and even expect self-service options nowadays. Why, you may ask? Because self-service is a constant. No matter what or where someone is they can pick up the call and make a payment because there’s no need for people to be on the other end of… Read More

What Prepaid Card Companies Need In Call Automation

Call Automation for Prepaid Card Companies

High call volumes, call spikes, repeat calls, and the security needed to handle payment transactions over the phone all combine to make call automation particularly complex for companies in the prepaid card industry. Complex and mission-critical. Getting automation right means putting the customer first so that prepaid companies can maintain brand loyalty by creating a high-quality customer experience. The Voice… Read More

7 Call Automation Must-Haves for Payments Organizations

slideshare slide

Companies in the payments sector have unusually high call volumes, complete with seasonal call spikes. It’s even more important for these companies to get their call center automation right. Here is a SlideShare presentation with 7 must-haves for IVR in the payments industry: Learn more in the prepaid IVR must-haves white paper. Read More

Don’t Let Call Spikes Sink the Customer Experience

Although some predict a slowing in the incredible growth rate of the prepaid card industry, we’re still talking over 20% growth every year. So if call spikes overwhelm the call center now, wait until companies are bigger. Call spikes aren’t going anywhere. And neither are automated voice systems, which handle more communications than live agents and social media accounts. Something… Read More

How IVR Dictates the Customer Experience and Your Bottom Line

Automated voice systems have always been good at saving organizations money. Unfortunately, they’ve also been good at annoying customers. We’ve all seen the commercials with the guy yelling “Big Boy!” into his phone. Recently, though, interactive voice response (IVR) has become a real tool for improving the customer experience (i.e., they work, and they work well without sounding like a… Read More