secure payment

Why IVR Automation Allows for More Secure Phone Payments

secure payment

Data security. Without it, and without your systems unerringly maintaining it, your business could fail for the simple reason that your customers expect data security above everything, even ease and convenience. Adding to the complexity is that health data must now be kept secure in addition to identifying data such as social security numbers and… Read More

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IVR: The Key to Efficient Payment Processing

phone payment

Is the word “efficiency” so cliché these days that we’ve forgotten exactly what it means? The Oxford Dictionary defines it as the ratio of useful work performed to the total energy expended. The Business Dictionary switches out the concept of energy with resources expended, which should at minimum include the time taken, the effort made,… Read More

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How You Can Complete Transaction Calls in 90 Seconds or Less

call guidance

Yes, we said it. Transaction calls are possible in 90 seconds or less. The secret lies in how your self-service system works. If it runs smoothly and without wait time, a minute and a half is the maximum amount of time it should take your customers to work through an average transaction call, such as making a credit card payment over the phone.  … Read More

Are You Overpaying to Process Transactions by Phone?

It’s a simple fact that no business survives without revenue coming in. While there are plenty of ways to collect payments, one of the most popular is the phone –and that’s where your contact center gets involved with this mission-critical process. When your customers call to make a payment, contact centers have two basic options:… Read More

The Blacklist – Secure Your IVR from Unwanted Threats

There’s been a lot of chatter recently about robocalls and how annoying and bothersome they are. No doubt you’ve experienced these in your own right. And while these unwanted phone calls are bad enough for an individual, imagine a company having to deal with a constant barrage of unwanted phone calls from fraudsters and other… Read More

TTY and IVR: What You Need to Know

It’s critical for all people to be able to communicate with other. For non-hearing individuals there are several options that allow them to communicate with hearing people using traditional telephony infrastructure. This post will briefly explain what TTY is and how it works. We’ll also discuss how IVR can accommodate the needs of non-hearing people…. Read More

Making the Audio Flow in Your IVR Apps

It may seem like a minor detail but having audio that flows together well in your IVR applications can have a major impact on customer experiences. Getting good, smooth sounding audio has more to do with being a good sound engineer than it does with designing IVR apps. Why Flow Matters The most common issues… Read More