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Why IVR Automation Allows for More Secure Phone Payments

secure payment

Data security. Without it, and without your systems unerringly maintaining it, your business could fail for the simple reason that your customers expect data security above everything, even ease and convenience. Adding to the complexity is that health data must now be kept secure in addition to identifying data such as social security numbers and… Read More

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IVR: The Key to Efficient Payment Processing

phone payment

Is the word “efficiency” so cliché these days that we’ve forgotten exactly what it means? The Oxford Dictionary defines it as the ratio of useful work performed to the total energy expended. The Business Dictionary switches out the concept of energy with resources expended, which should at minimum include the time taken, the effort made,… Read More

Are You Overpaying to Process Transactions by Phone?

It’s a simple fact that no business survives without revenue coming in. While there are plenty of ways to collect payments, one of the most popular is the phone –and that’s where your contact center gets involved with this mission-critical process. When your customers call to make a payment, contact centers have two basic options:… Read More

Tracking Payment Success Rate in VoiceTrends

One of the big ideas behind VoiceTrends is that it’s not enough to simply know that your voice apps work. You need to know how well they’re working to truly understand their impact on your customers and the customer experience. If your app isn’t working as intended, you’d want to know, right? When your voice… Read More

Defend Against Chargebacks with Call Recording

The Thing About Chargebacks Let’s be honest: there are several annoying processes that are part-and-parcel to the world of payment processing. Chargebacks are one of them. A chargeback is when a bank forces a company to refund a received payment. Granted, there are times when a chargeback is understandable, like with cases of fraud. But… Read More

Case Study: More Efficient Healthcare Payments with Plum

As a major healthcare payment processing company (MHPPC), IVR was not a new concept. In fact, MHPPC had a code-based IVR in place before switching to Plum. However, as the company added features to their IVR the code for their legacy IVR became virtually unmanageable. When developers are spending most of their time managing IVR… Read More