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3 Ways To Boost Your IVR Containment Rate Without Touching Your IVR

The true test of how effective your IVR solution is often lies in the containment rate. This corresponds to how many callers use, or are contained within, the IVR from the entirety of their transaction. That means not abandoning the IVR to speak to a live agent. Now IVR technology is a huge boon to payment processing. It gives people...

Code of the day


The <help> element is an abbreviation for <catch event="help">.
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<vxml version="2.0">
      <throw event="help" message="help help help."/>
    <!-- The "help" tag is shorthand for a "catch" tag that catches an -->
    <!-- event named "help". -->
        Caught my help event with the following message:
        <break time="1s"/>
        <value expr="_message"/>