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The Netflix Effect & Why Voice Remains Critical For Customer Service In 2017

The Netflix Effect The world of technology often seems like the fallout from Sherman’s march to the sea where old technologies are left smoldering in ashes in the wake of the latest and greatest. We might even call this the Netflix effect. After all, not many people choose VHS as their primary medium for watching movies these days. Heck, even...

Code of the day


A field specifies an input item to be gathered from the user. You MUST specify a grammar within your field.
<?xml version="1.0"?>
<vxml version="2.0">
    <!-- See section 2.3 for the list of available built-in grammars. -->
    <field name="myfield" type="digits?length=7">
        Say or enter seven digits.
        You entered <value expr="myfield"/>.