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The Limitations of Speech Rec & How to Combat Them

Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) is pretty cool technology. Simply say something and a machine will do what you ask it to do. Usually. When an ASR grammar is tuned properly and the call conditions are good, ASR works really well. Unpacking that last sentence should help you understand a bit more about ASR, how it works, and how to recognize… Read More

Case Study: Second To None Expands Voice of the Customer Offerings with Plum Voice

As the old adage goes, the customer is always right. For Second To None, a customer experience research and analytics agency serving leading brands across North America, one of its clients wanted to add telephone surveys to their Voice of the Customer program. At the time, Second To None lacked a voice option for this type of survey and immediately… Read More

A Quick Guide to CTI and Screen Pops

Part of our Back to the Basics Series. See also: PSTN, VoIP, SIP Trunking, and Telephony. When it comes to computer telephony integration, or CTI, a significant amount of distortion exists between the textbook definition of the term and what people understand it to mean in today’s business environment. Here we’ll cover what CTI is, what people typically mean when they… Read More

Where Do Telephone Numbers Come From?

When I moved from Chicago to Denver in 2010, I got myself a Google Voice number as an easy way to have access to a local phone number. Once you have a Google Voice number in most cases you can port it away from Google for a small fee and that can be your new phone number. When I switched… Read More

The Easiest Way to Handle Call Spikes

Needlessly looking for a reason to worry? With the holiday season on the crest of an approaching wave many companies that already do the majority of their customer service over the phone will likely see their call volume swell even higher. Likewise, even companies that favor service options using other communications channels will see spikes to their call volume due… Read More

The Wonderful and Complex World of Telephony

Part of our Back to the Basics Series. See also: PSTN, VoIP, and SIP Trunking. It’s not cliché to say that telephony comprise some of the most complex systems that a business has to deal with. One of the reasons for this is that telephony isn’t just one single thing. It constitutes the actual technology, infrastructure, and practices tied to and… Read More

What SIP Trunking is and How it Can Save You Money

Part of our Back to the Basics Series. See also: PSTN, VoIP, and Telephony. SIP trunking sounds like something one does on a vacation in warm climes with at least one fruity drink in hand. In actuality it’s more akin to those employees at the airport do who wave big light sticks at airplanes. (Their job title is actually Aircraft Marshall… Read More

What is VoIP and How does it Work?

Part of our Back to the Basics Series. See also: PSTN, SIP Trunking, and Telephony. It turns out there is more than one way to skin a cat. There’s no need to call the SPCA. No one is actually skinning cats here. Not too long ago there weren’t a whole lot of options for making phone calls. That has all changed… Read More

How the Public Switched Telephone Network Works

Part of our Back to the Basics Series. See also: VoIP, SIP Trunking, and Telephony. “A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…” Oh wait, that’s not the case at all. It was Alexander Graham Bell, in the U.S., with a patent. While that may read more like winning recipe to the game Clue, it’s actually what happened in… Read More

Bring on the Benefits of Hosted IVR

Businesses that move their automated voice applications to the cloud gain a strategic advantage by allowing them to devote time and resources to improving their voice-based customer service instead of spending time and money maintaining complex legacy systems. This frees them to build better caller experiences, personalize automated applications and improve contact center ROI by increasing automation rates and reducing customer frustration…. Read More