Making Natural Language Processing Feasible with Artificial Intelligence

In a past post, we discussed the technological and the financial challenges that go hand-in-hand with developing natural language processing (NLP) applications. While these challenges remain relevant, more recent developments mean it’s easier and less expensive to incorporate natural language processing into your voice channels. Thanks to artificial intelligence (AI), companies can manage NLP apps… Read More

Improving IVR with Artificial Intelligence

A Place for AI When most people hear Artificial Intelligence, they tend to think in terms of Hollywood and famous AI characters like HAL9000 and Skynet. Business applications of AI are nowhere near that sexy, but, on the bright side, that also means that our robotic overlords aren’t looming on the horizon just yet. The… Read More

Transcription vs. ASR: Which Is Right For You?

It happens all the time with technology: two different processes that share some similarities get conflated. People say one thing and really mean the other, and vice versa. One area where we see this with audio related processes involves automatic speech recognition (ASR) and transcription. What both of these things tend to suffer from is… Read More

Why You Don’t Notice Good (Voice) Automation

Holding your phone at arm’s length and yelling at the top of your lungs at the automated voice on the other end may seem like the type of thing reserved for a TV sitcom or a video about the challenges of speech recognition engines understanding a Scottish accent. Yet, the reason that these images resonate… Read More


Samsung, Nuance and the Future of Speech Rec


Nuance is the company behind Siri and speech-recognition technology in any number of applications in the marketplace. If you’ve spoken with a digital assistant or automated voice system lately, chances are you’ve interacted with Nuance technology. As well as Apple, the company counts Samsung among its customers, along with a large crop of service providers…. Read More

Prevent Contact Center Fraud With Voice Biometrics

Fraud is a Real Threat Fraud directly impacts a company’s finances and branding, not to mention customer loyalty. Yet fraud protection measures often increase operational costs and inconvenience customers. Most organizations dedicate significant resources to prevent fraud online, but this leaves few resources for call center security. A contributing factor to this is that companies… Read More