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What Are Large Language Models?

A large language model (LLM) is a specialized category of artificial intelligence (AI) and generative AI algorithms. LLMs use specific pre-programmed learning methods and an extensive amount of data sets to comprehend, summarize, produce and develop new content as it continues to learn. Below you can read more about the future of LLMs and how …

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Generative AI - Plum Voice

Generative AI – Transforming Interactive Voice Response

How does Generative AI work? Generative AI has sparked a revolution in various industries – from art and music to business and marketing. Its integration into interactive voice response (IVR) systems has been especially beneficial, providing customers with a better experience and boosting efficiency. Below, we will investigate how generative AI is boosting the capabilities …

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Adding Voice Bio Security

Adding Voice Biometrics Security is as Easy as A-P-I

Unsurprisingly, security is critical to successful business operations across numerous industries. As an automated programmable-AI software company, Plum Voice provides users with tools, such as Plum Fuse, that enable them to create different forms of voice authentication methods. Naturally, as a company that creates AI-voice automation solutions, it makes sense to highlight the benefits of …

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Understanding Secure Authentication Methods

Different approaches to secure authentication relate to user security and accessibility. Each approach has its advantages and disadvantages, but the key is to find and provide the right balance between secure authentication methods. Knowledge-Based Authentication (KBA) Knowledge-based authentication (KBA) is the most common form of security measure. This typically consists of a username and password …

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Make Your Call Center a No Phishing Zone, Please

Call centers are susceptible to fraud partly because of their helpful nature. The systems and agents we use in our call centers are there to help our customers, to make it easier for them to find information. Unfortunately, that plays right into the hands of fraudsters. While companies focus massive security efforts to prevent online …

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Prevent Contact Center Fraud With Voice Biometrics

Fraud is a Real Threat Fraud directly impacts a company’s finances and branding, not to mention customer loyalty. Yet fraud protection measures often increase operational costs and inconvenience customers. Most organizations dedicate significant resources to prevent fraud online, but this leaves few resources for call center security. A contributing factor to this is that companies …

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New Tech Gauges Customer Satisfaction Via Emotion in Voice

Taiwanese researchers have developed an automated technology that can gauge customer satisfaction over the phone. And it can do it better than humans. Shuchih Ernest Chang and Yu-Teng Jang of the National Chung Hsing University in Taiwan used recorded customer voice files to “construct an artificial neural network-based” technology that matches tone of voice to …

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What Is Voice Biometrics?

Voice Biometrics Software Voice biometrics technology verifies the identity of a speaker.  It’s also known as voice recognition, speaker recognition, voice printing and voice authentication. At Plum Voice, we call this group of technologies “voice biometrics” in general. “Voice biometrics is a technology that enables identity verification by analyzing a person’s voice as a unique, …

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What Is Speech Recognition?

Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) software transforms voice commands or utterances into digital information that computers can use to process human speech as input.  In a number of varying applications, speech recognition enables users to navigate a voice-user interface or interact with a computer system through spoken directives. How It Works Given the sheer number of words …

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