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Getting Buy-In: Don’t Forget The Developers

Feature Blinders I was talking to a friend recently who was researching a new cloud platform for their work. It was a pretty typical discussion; she had looked at three different options and had a front runner. Now she was trying to figure out how to sell it the rest of her team. Naturally, the discussion moved toward product features… Read More

Case Study: Second To None Expands Voice of the Customer Offerings with Plum Voice

As the old adage goes, the customer is always right. For Second To None, a customer experience research and analytics agency serving leading brands across North America, one of its clients wanted to add telephone surveys to their Voice of the Customer program. At the time, Second To None lacked a voice option for this type of survey and immediately… Read More

The Netflix Effect & Why Voice Remains Critical For Customer Service In 2017

The Netflix Effect The world of technology often seems like the fallout from Sherman’s march to the sea where old technologies are left smoldering in ashes in the wake of the latest and greatest. We might even call this the Netflix effect. After all, not many people choose VHS as their primary medium for watching movies these days. Heck, even… Read More

Business Logic & Automated Voice Apps: An Introduction

Here at Plum we take user experience very seriously. That’s why we want to help companies that automate phone calls to provide not only great user experiences, but a solution that’s easy to manage as well. Because if your voice applications are easy to manage there is a lot less potential for disruptions in service or errors in the user… Read More

A Quick Guide to CTI and Screen Pops

Part of our Back to the Basics Series. See also: PSTN, VoIP, SIP Trunking, and Telephony. When it comes to computer telephony integration, or CTI, a significant amount of distortion exists between the textbook definition of the term and what people understand it to mean in today’s business environment. Here we’ll cover what CTI is, what people typically mean when they… Read More

Disruption or Evolutionary Inevitability? Making the Move to the Cloud

What is disruption? It’s a buzz words that is bandied about like crazy in the tech world today. A lot of people set their sites on disruption but few actually achieve it. When you think of disruption as a paradigm shift that alters the way an industry functions, when it does occur the fallout can be seismic. Cloud computing certainly… Read More

5 Ways Cloud-Based Automation Benefits Call Centers

There’s a scene in Wayne’s World, soon after Wayne and Garth sign a network contract, when Benjamin approaches Garth, who’s busy working one of his gadgets. Benjamin wants Garth to convince Wayne to change part of the show. With a frightened look on his face, and in a panic-stricken voice Garth responds, “Change? We fear change.” While this piece of… Read More

Why APIs are Key to Successful Cloud-Based Solutions

The Compatibility Quandary When adopting a new piece of technology one of the concerns that anyone involved with the project has is whether the new solution will play nicely with what is already in place. How many potential technology purchases have died on the vine because of the “I” word? Integration. When we’re talking about automating tasks there is no… Read More

Is 2016 the Year of the PaaS?
Magic 8 Ball Says…

Right Like a Weatherperson Seemingly bold predictions are all the rage at this time of the year, as though flipping your calendar to a new month will magically alter trends that started long ago. What does “Year of the PaaS” even mean? What is the year of anything? How do we measure this type of thing? Market penetration? Ok, fine…. Read More

PaaS with a Side of SaaS: Breaking Down the “aaS” Hierarchy

Alphabet Soup Studying the New Deal is often an exercise in processing acronyms. More than one university professor has accurately described all the programs created during that period as alphabet soup. Heck, even the president who oversaw the New Deal is referred to by his initials–FDR. Naturally, between the FDIC, WPA, TVA, PWA, AAA, RA, REA, NYA, and CCC, historians… Read More