The Origins of Surveys

Surveys are as old as large societies. Historically, humans have lived in groups of about 120 people. Researchers say this is roughly the number of people we can actually know, as a friend or relative or acquaintance, not just a name. However, as soon as we began gathering in societies rather than small villages, it… Read More

Does Customer Satisfaction Affect Employee Satisfaction?

Research shows that employee satisfaction can have a positive effect on customer satisfaction. But does it work the other way around? In a paper titled Relationship Between Employee Satisfaction and Customer Satisfaction, Beomjoon Choi of California State University, Sacramento and Hoseong Jeon of Hallym University in South Korea present their findings on the issue. As… Read More

New Tech Gauges Customer Satisfaction Via Emotion in Voice

Taiwanese researchers have developed an automated technology that can gauge customer satisfaction over the phone. And it can do it better than humans. Shuchih Ernest Chang and Yu-Teng Jang of the National Chung Hsing University in Taiwan used recorded customer voice files to “construct an artificial neural network-based” technology that matches tone of voice to… Read More

Study: Self-Service Technologies Need an Opt-Out Button

In the not-too-distant future, virtually everyone will be technologically literate. As always, we’ll teach our kids the Three Rs (reading, writing, arithmetic), but we’ll also add The C (coding). However, we’re not there yet. My mom, for one, is (amusingly) illiterate when it comes to technology—she likes to go ‘into’ the internet, for example. She… Read More

15 Ways to Set and Meet Customer Expectations

Setting and meeting customer expectations is a complicated, multi-step process that begins before first contact, continues throughout the customer relationship and requires the commitment of everyone in the organization along the way. Aligning Strategy 1—Let Go, Listen, and Hear Trying to control another human being is an exercise in futility. So, when working with undoubtedly… Read More

5 Ways to Personalize Customer Service Communications

Interactions between people and between people and business entities are becoming increasingly technology-based. As people turn to text messages, social media, and automated voice applications it’s critical to remember that those are just tools that enable conversation. No matter what communication medium you use, when customers feel like you’re focused on them as individuals they’re… Read More