How Voice Biometrics Protects the Call Center from Fraud

Voice Biometrics is helping prevent fraud in contact centers

Fraud is a Real Threat Fraud directly impacts a company’s finances and branding, not to mention customer loyalty. Yet fraud protection measures often increase operational costs and inconvenience customers. Most organizations dedicate significant resources to prevent fraud online, but this leaves few resources for call center security. A contributing factor to this is that companies… Read More

What Are Surveys Again?

We know what surveys are and what they’re for, right? Don’t we? Actually, there seems to be a lot of confusion out there about surveys. What they are, how they’re done, how valid they are, et cetera. Given how much survey techniques are changing these days, I thought a review was in order. Here’s a… Read More

The Origins of Surveys

Surveys are as old as large societies. Historically, humans have lived in groups of about 120 people. Researchers say this is roughly the number of people we can actually know, as a friend or relative or acquaintance, not just a name. However, as soon as we began gathering in societies rather than small villages, it… Read More