Study: Making Automated Technology Easier for Older Adults to Use

verbal response

How do you make technology easier to use for older adults who struggle with diminishing cognitive ability? One way is through high set-level compatibility. Set-level compatibility refers to the relationship between stimulus and response set and the relationship’s influence on response time. The more commonality shared between a stimulus and response set, the faster the… Read More

How to Not Ruin the Customer Experience with Automation

Automated voice systems, such as IVR, handle more customer service transactions in call-heavy industries like financial services than agents, websites, or other communication channels. These systems are the first and most common point of contact for most of our customers. As such, they need to be useful, not frustrating, especially in sectors like the prepaid… Read More

How IVR Dictates the Customer Experience and Your Bottom Line

Automated voice systems have always been good at saving organizations money. Unfortunately, they’ve also been good at annoying customers. We’ve all seen the commercials with the guy yelling “Big Boy!” into his phone. Recently, though, interactive voice response (IVR) has become a real tool for improving the customer experience (i.e., they work, and they work… Read More