Don’t Blame the Technology

Anyone who’s used an automated phone service rarely has anything good to say about it. —Dean Burnett of the Guardian Ah, that old chestnut again. Burnett’s article in the Guardian newspaper, On-Hold Hell: Why Automated Phone Systems Are Infuriating, is a mostly funny slam of automated voice systems. What it leaves out, however, is that… Read More

Optimize Your IVR, Securely

secure analytics

Historically, it has been very difficult to optimize voice applications—to analyze the granular success of each component and use that data to improve the overall customer experience. It’s been impossible to do it without logging sensitive data. Our vision of a hosted IVR infrastructure has always been: scalable, flexible and extremely fault tolerant. With our… Read More

How to Not Ruin the Customer Experience with Automation

Automated voice systems, such as IVR, handle more customer service transactions in call-heavy industries like financial services than agents, websites, or other communication channels. These systems are the first and most common point of contact for most of our customers. As such, they need to be useful, not frustrating, especially in sectors like the prepaid… Read More

How IVR Dictates the Customer Experience and Your Bottom Line

Automated voice systems have always been good at saving organizations money. Unfortunately, they’ve also been good at annoying customers. We’ve all seen the commercials with the guy yelling “Big Boy!” into his phone. Recently, though, interactive voice response (IVR) has become a real tool for improving the customer experience (i.e., they work, and they work… Read More

How Biases Can Wreck Your Survey

You carefully craft what you think is the perfect survey for the perfect target audience. You send the survey out and receive what you think is a representative sampling of your target audience. Except it’s not. Biases have booby-trapped your survey. Sometimes unforeseen biases can skew a survey dramatically. Here’s a quick rundown of the… Read More

A Few Tips for Setting Up Online Surveys

Phone surveys are fairly straightforward for most people, because most people have been using telephones their entire lives and are used to them. Online surveys are less straightforward because not everyone is adept with a computer or trusts the internet. We have to understand these differences when designing surveys. Researchers have to develop their online… Read More