Where Do Telephone Numbers Come From?

When I moved from Chicago to Denver in 2010, I got myself a Google Voice number as an easy way to have access to a local phone number. Once you have a Google Voice number in most cases you can port it away from Google for a small fee and that can be your new… Read More

5 Ways Cloud-Based Automation Benefits Call Centers

There’s a scene in Wayne’s World, soon after Wayne and Garth sign a network contract, when Benjamin approaches Garth, who’s busy working one of his gadgets. Benjamin wants Garth to convince Wayne to change part of the show. With a frightened look on his face, and in a panic-stricken voice Garth responds, “Change? We fear… Read More

Why APIs are Key to Successful Cloud-Based Solutions

The Compatibility Quandary When adopting a new piece of technology one of the concerns that anyone involved with the project has is whether the new solution will play nicely with what is already in place. How many potential technology purchases have died on the vine because of the “I” word? Integration. When we’re talking about… Read More

Why You Don’t Notice Good (Voice) Automation

Holding your phone at arm’s length and yelling at the top of your lungs at the automated voice on the other end may seem like the type of thing reserved for a TV sitcom or a video about the challenges of speech recognition engines understanding a Scottish accent. Yet, the reason that these images resonate… Read More