Respond to Customer Complaints in Real Time

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It’s about time. Customers, like everyone else, have a different notion of time than they used to. The internet and mobile devices have done that—we can access the whole world of knowledge with our fingertips, instantly. This also applies to customer complaints. More quickly than ever, customers can lodge complaints against our companies—so fast, in… Read More

Use Post-Call Surveys for Real-Time Customer Service Recovery

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Most customers use self-service to get in and get out quickly. It’s no surprise when they don’t want to complete a post-call survey. However, some customers are itching to share their thoughts after a customer service interaction—unhappy customers. Unhappy customers are almost always in the mood to provide some feedback after a call—if not to you, to… Read More

The Next Iteration of Self-Service

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Once we acknowledge that the measurable, objective job might be taken by an app, we have to make service dramatically better than self-service, or else this job is gone. —Seth Godin Humans replaced by machines. This is the future sci-fi movies have been both hoping for and warning us about for decades now. It’s closer… Read More