Use Post-Call Surveys for Real-Time Customer Service Recovery

happy man on phone

Most customers use self-service to get in and get out quickly. It’s no surprise when they don’t want to complete a post-call survey. However, some customers are itching to share their thoughts after a customer service interaction—unhappy customers. Unhappy customers are almost always in the mood to provide some feedback after a call—if not to you, to… Read More

The Next Iteration of Self-Service

guy with tablet in restaurant

Once we acknowledge that the measurable, objective job might be taken by an app, we have to make service dramatically better than self-service, or else this job is gone. —Seth Godin Humans replaced by machines. This is the future sci-fi movies have been both hoping for and warning us about for decades now. It’s closer… Read More

Don’t Use Old Techniques with Your New Call Center Technology

Recently, a company of which I’m a customer revamped their call center technology, but instead of leveraging new features to create a better caller experience, they made it worse. All of a sudden, their system doesn’t remember my personal data and call history like it used to, and, therefore, doesn’t predict why I’m calling anymore…. Read More