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Case Study: More Efficient Healthcare Payments with Plum

As a major healthcare payment processing company (MHPPC), IVR was not a new concept. In fact, MHPPC had a code-based IVR in place before switching to Plum. However, as the company added features to their IVR the code for their legacy IVR became virtually unmanageable. When developers are spending most of their time managing IVR code, it’s probably time to… Read More

Change Your Healthcare Billing for the Better with IVR

The World of Healthcare Billing A recent article from Advance Healthcare Network highlighted some of the issues that exist in the world of healthcare billing and offered a number of specific areas where healthcare companies can focus their energy to create a better experience for patients. This article demonstrates how no solution exists in a vacuum. But that just means… Read More

Experts Reveal How to Get Healthy, HIPAA-Compliant IT

Personal medical information may be the only type of data that is more valuable to internet ne’er-do-wells than credit card information. Health care data breaches are serious business so having security measures in place to protect patient information is critical. The federal government passed the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) to help address this situation. Companies… Read More

A Beginner’s Guide to HIPAA and PCI-DSS Compliance

We spend a lot of time talking about security these days. And right so. Data breaches can be costly for everyone involved. We’re not just talking financial costs either, although those can mount quickly. Industries that deal with sensitive customer data on a daily basis need to ensure that the people and companies creating and using that data do so… Read More

5 Innovative Approaches to Automated Communications that Improve Efficiency

On December 1, 1913, Henry Ford unveiled what was arguably his most important invention. No, it wasn’t a new vehicle; Ford’s game changer was the moving-chassis assembly line. This foray into industrial automation reduced the build time on a Model T from twelve hours to two-and-a-half hours. Obviously, this meant that Ford could produce more cars at less cost, and… Read More

A Holistic Approach to Customer Satisfaction

The Buyer’s Journey In marketing there is a lot of talk about the “buyer’s journey.” This is a not-so-fancy way to describe the process by which a person discovers and purchases a product or service. So if we’re talking about buying a car, the journey isn’t the picture on Instagram of someone standing next to their new car, dangling their… Read More

The Grim Reality of Healthcare Data Breaches

It seems that nary a week goes by without a headline running rampant on the internet and in print detailing yet another healthcare entity that experienced a data breach. The industry as a whole is twice as likely to experience a data breach, and already sees 3.4 times more security episodes than other industries. As we evolve, globally, into a… Read More

Solutions to 7 Communications Problems Affecting Hospital Re-Admission Rates

Going Home Isn’t The End When a patient leaves the hospital the last thing they want to do is go back. Yet, re-admission happens all of the time. Studies show that one of the most common reasons for this is insufficient communication between healthcare providers and patients. In a pressure-cooker work environment like a hospital it’s almost understandable for doctors to… Read More